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Sofia A.

20 age, Female

Starting: 01 / 2023 - 11 / 2023
Available for: 24 months - 6 months


I discovered the program in 2020 and it seemed incredible to me, I always wanted to travel to other countries and learn new things and this program seems to me the best way to do it, since I can live in another country and get to know its culture from within living with families from those countries. .

Belen A.

26 age, Female

Starting: 09 / 2022 - 10 / 2022
Available for: 9 months - 9 months


I want to continue my aupair program so I decided to extend for 9mo more because I feel this experience is unique and I can discover more amazing people and places in this country. I had a good experience as aupair taking care a baby but I love kids too so now Im looking for a new lovely and adventurous family.

Justina P.

19 age, Female

Starting: 01 / 2023 - 03 / 2023
Available for: 1 month - 24 months


I think personally being an au pair would benefit me a lot and would boost me into achieving my educational and personal goals. Because of my career (anthropology) I love studying and experiencing the cultural differences that coexist in our world, and with the Au Pair experience I could share all the knowledge that I’ve got so far and also learn so much more. I've always felt naturally attached and comfortable around kids, I have helped children learn English, and a variety of arts, watching some of them become really successful at what they do. Educating them and watching them grow and become full grown adults is an incommensurable feeling. I think the Au Pair program can have a lot of impact both in the Au Pair itself and in the host family, because I believe younger kids can benefit so much from having someone who provides physical and emotional care and assistance while helping with their social and educational development and keeping them in a safe and fun environment. That’s exactly why I want to become an au pair, because I now I can execute these tasks perfectly and I can become a sister like figure to a beautiful child. I think this experience can be very rich for both of us. Thank you for reading this Sincerely Justina

Florencia A.

21 age, Female

Starting: 01 / 2023 - 04 / 2023
Available for: 3 months - 12 months


I'd like to be an au pair to know new places and learn another culture :)

Sofia F.

23 age, Female

Starting: 07 / 2022 - 08 / 2023
Available for: 12 months - 24 months


Dear future Host Family: ¡Thanks for taking the time to read my letter! I really appreciate it. My name is Sofia Belen Fernandez (you can call me Sofi), I’m 23 years old and right now I’m living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I’ve been an au pair for the past two years in United states, with the same family, The Chandlers! They were a family of 5. Zai (mom), Stephen (dad), Zoe (5 years old), Roman (4 years old) and little baby Jade that was born last year, with 9 months! Like I said before, I was their au pair for the past two years and it was an amazing experience. I still have contact with them! I also have a lot of experience with kids and babies. I’ve been taking care of kids since I was a teenager. I’ve always had so much affinity with them. I love their innocence and their beautiful way to see things. Everything amazes them and we, the adults, are responsible to help them in their growth. We learn so many new things from them and they maintain us with an innocent and funny spirit. To tell you a little bit more about me, since I was a little girl I like everything about music. I’m studying singing and I’m learning by myself to play the ukulele. I love musicals, going to the theater, traveling, hanging out and spending time with my friends and family. Also, I love Disney and everything about it! I love the movies, and I went to Disney World Orlando two times (The first one in 2013, and the second in 2017) . I wish I could go so many times! I’m a funny and loving person. I love to make people laugh, to hug them and make them have a good and funny time. My whole life I dreamed of knowing other parts of the world. Also, I love to learn and discover new things as much from life as from children. I would love to be an Au Pair again because I really love children, I enjoy spending time with them, playing, learning and also because I loved my first experience doing it, and if I have the chance to do it again somewhere else, I would love to do it. But I also know that being an Au Pair is not everything about fun and games. I know that I have responsibilities and I have to take care of every necessity that the children have. I’m a very patient, creative and responsible person, that’s why I know that I would take care of them in the best way that I can and know. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my profile. I hope to be in touch with you! With all the love from Argentina. Sofi.

Gonzalo A.

28 age, Male

Starting: 08 / 2022 - 01 / 2023
Available for: 3 months - 24 months


I am Gonzalo, student of Psychology, lover of life, new experiences, values, to know and deepen human relationships wherever I am, that's why I have always been dedicated to sports (from swimming to self-defence or rugby among others) as well as to various volunteer work in my country. I am passionate about being an Au Pair because it invites you to meet new people, cultures, experiences, in exchange for a fundamental value for me personally, to help the other from the service, from family values, such as responsibility, empathy, dedication to make the space you live in a better place than I found it. I like to work with families with excellent family values, where I can contribute tranquility, confidence, that any issue that arises know that it will be resolved efficiently and that under my care will also be given and learn both you and me, giving the best of me for your satisfaction and that the relationships formed are maintained over time. It is a big plus if you have pets. Any questions don't hesitate to contact me.

Ernestina N.

20 age, Female

Starting: 09 / 2022 - 10 / 2022
Available for: 9 months - 9 months


I am currently an au pair in the United States and I love this program I really enjoy this job I would like to continue being an au pair for at least 9 more months ✨ au pair in the country

Carlos G.

25 age, Male

Starting: 06 / 2022 - 08 / 2022
Available for: 6 months - 18 months


It is the best way to get into the culture of a country, deal with the family and work in the best and fun way with the children. I feel that it would not be a difficult job for me.

Candela R.

20 age, Female

Starting: 12 / 2022 - 06 / 2023
Available for: 3 months - 6 months


My name is Candela, I'm 20 years old. I love traveling and being able to connect with the people and with the culture of the places I go. I am studying biotechnology, which is a career that I am very passionate about, I like to study, read and but I also love going out and enjoying life, nature, sunrises, sunsets. I am looking for a place to be able to practice English since it is one of the languages I want to learn, to be able to travel and be able to connect more. I love children, I am the godmother of two children who I love to take care of because they are very crazy and I love to know what they think at that age. I love children, I really like the energy they can express and that they can transmit, that's why I like to take care of children. On the weekends I take care of my friends' children, and also when my parents' friends have to go out they call me to take care of me and be with the children all night.

Nicolas F.

27 age, Male

Starting: 01 / 2023 - 07 / 2023
Available for: 6 months - 18 months


Hola, mi nombre es Nicolas Ignacio Ferranti, uno de los motivos por el cual quiero ser au pair es el intercambio cultural y el conocer y adquirir nuevas experiencias de vida. Estoy estudiando una carrera universitaria y deseo una vez que la termine poder emigrar y tener nuevas aventuras de vida

Sofia G.

22 age, Male

Starting: 06 / 2022 - 06 / 2023
Available for: 12 months - 24 months


I want to be au pair and live with an American host family because I love the kids and i really want to know their culture that is so diferent from argentina, i want to know how you educate their children, take some of it and leave a part of me and my culture in the United States. I also want to travel and know many places, make friends and of course find a real family to feel at home.

Vera S.

18 age, Female

Starting: 12 / 2022 - 08 / 2023
Available for: 6 months - 18 months


because I love teaching and spending time with the littles ones