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Ana O.

19 age, Female

Starting: 12 / 2023 - 01 / 2024
Available for: 12 months - 24 months


Becoming an au pair is not just about getting to know the culture or learning another language... but also having the responsibility and affection that I have and will always have with children, it combined my love for them and my desire to learn more about the country's culture, I can guarantee ...

Wictoria K.

19 age, Female

Starting: 01 / 2024 - 05 / 2024
Available for: 9 months - 24 months


Liebe Gastfamilie, vielen Dank für Ihr Interesse an mir. Mein Name ist Wictoria, ich bin Brasilianerin und 19 Jahre alt. Mein größtes Ziel ist es, mich mit all der Liebe, Fürsorge und Hingabe um Ihr(e) Kind(er) kümmern zu können, so wie ich mich um meine kleinen Cousins ​​und meine kleine ...

Daniela F.

24 age, Female

Starting: 06 / 2024 - 09 / 2024
Available for: 6 months - 24 months


Dear families, It is a pleasure to introduce myself to all of you. My name is Daniela, I am 24 years old, and I come from Brazil. Currently, I am on the verge of completing my Bachelor's degree in Art Education, a program focused on teaching art to young people and children. This academic journey ...

Angie O.

23 age, Female

Starting: 01 / 2024 - 04 / 2024
Available for: 3 months - 24 months


Hello, my name is Angie, I'm 23 years old, I live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, I'm Brazilian. I am currently looking for a family to be an Au Pair in January, February or March 2024, it is my dream to travel abroad and discover new places and new cultures. I love children and I love playing with ...

Milena G.

19 age, Female

Starting: 12 / 2023 - 12 / 2023
Available for: 1 month - 3 months


I am very interested in being an au pair in the UK because I love children and I have a dream of learning British English, I always wanted to travel abroad alone and I think it would be an amazing opportunity to improve my English and get to know a new culture

Giovanna L.

23 age, Female

Starting: 10 / 2023 - 01 / 2025
Available for: 1 month - 24 months


Hello future family! My name is Giovanna, I'm from Brazil, São Paulo and I'm 23. The main reason i want to become an Au Pair is because I want to improve my english skills (open-minded to other languages) and also because I love to learn about everything and the best way to learn is with ...

Anacarolina O.

19 age, Female

Starting: 09 / 2024 - 10 / 2024
Available for: 12 months - 24 months


Cara futura famiglia ospitante, mi chiamo Ana, sono brasiliana, ho 19 anni, ho finito il liceo e in questo momento sono una ragazza alla pari nello stato del Colorado, negli Stati Uniti. Nel prossimo anno vorrei poter essere una ragazza alla pari in Italia, voglio essere in un'università e ...

Quezia J.

21 age, Female

Starting: 03 / 2024 - 01 / 2025
Available for: 12 months - 24 months


Hello future family, I hope you are well. My name is Quezia I'm 21 years old and I live in Brazil in a house full of love with a cute dog and the best grandma in the world, she always makes delicious food. I just finished my degree in biomedicine. And I'm looking to discover new cultures and learn, ...

Giovanna P.

22 age, Female

Starting: 11 / 2023 - 12 / 2024
Available for: 12 months - 24 months


Olá futura família ❤️ Meu nome é Giovanna Pires, tenho 22 anos e atualmente moro em Portugal (Porto) como Au Pair. Meu intercâmbio acaba em Novembro de 2023 (17 meses totais) e procuro algo para continuar minha aventura enquanto curso a universidade, a qual faço no meu tempo livre de Au ...

Alice I.

27 age, Female

Starting: 10 / 2023 - 11 / 2023
Available for: 12 months - 24 months


Eu aprendi a amar as crianças quando comecei a fazer faculdade de psicologia. Ver o desenvolvimento cognitivo delas e a forma simples e lúdica que elas brincam e aprendem, me faz querer estar perto e aprender com elas. Gosto de ensinar, brincar, cozinhar e ler para as crianças. Acredito que ser ...

Jaqueline A.

28 age, Female

Starting: 11 / 2023 - 04 / 2024
Available for: 1 month - 24 months


My name is Jaqueline, I'm 28 years old, I'm Brazilian and graduated in Civil Engineering. This is my Instagram if you want to know more about me @jaqueearaujoo and I have my facebook Jaqueline Araujo always posted about my day. I want to learn to speak the language and culture. I studied English ...

Cintia P.

25 age, Female

Starting: 01 / 2024 - 12 / 2024
Available for: 24 months - 24 months


Because I deal well with children and it will be a good experience for me to work with what I like and be able to teach and learn.