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Khatia M.

23 età, Femminile

Inizia: 10 / 2023 - 11 / 2023
Disponibile per: 1 month - 12 months


Hello, I'm Khatia, 23 years old Philologist by profession. I live in Georgia. I was studying Literary studies in one of the most popular University in Georgia. But lack of possibilities in my country forces me to go somewhere else, the place u can do what you love and reach the success with it. In ...

Lela R.

28 età, Femminile

Inizia: 10 / 2023 - 11 / 2024
Disponibile per: 3 months - 24 months


Dear host family, My name is Lela (Lele). I am from a small beautiful country full of history and traditions called Georgia. I grew up in a warm and caring family, with my mother, father and one brother and sister. I have a BA and MA in Cultural Studies. I am interested in discovering new countries ...

Lali P.

25 età, Femminile

Inizia: 10 / 2023 - 09 / 2024
Disponibile per: 9 months - 12 months


firstly, I want to improve my language skills, Moreover I'm interested with different cultures and lst but not least I want to share European experience.

Nia D.

29 età, Femminile

Inizia: 06 / 2024 - 07 / 2024
Disponibile per: 5 months - 24 months


The opportunity to immerse myself in a new culture and care for children while improving my language skills is something that I am passionate about. First and foremost, I have always had a love for children. I find their energy and curiosity inspiring, and I am constantly amazed by their ability ...

Sesili K.

21 età, Femminile

Inizia: 10 / 2023 - 06 / 2024
Disponibile per: 3 months - 24 months


Communication with children and adults is the thing, which makes me feel happy, alive. Since i have experience of working with children from working as a private teacher, also from volunteering in "children centre" in Portugal I fully believe in that i am ready to face new challenges find myself in ...