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Diätetische Überlegungen

Nona T.

25 Alter, Weiblich

Start: 08 / 2024 - 08 / 2024
Verfügbar für: 12 months - 24 months


My name is Nona, I am 25 years old and I was born in Georgia. Why do I wanted to become an Au pair? The simplest answer is: I love children. I love to see them smiling, their shining eyes, their happiness when they learn something new, and their imagination. I love to play with them and see how ...

Kote K.

27 Alter, Männlich

Start: 07 / 2024 - 10 / 2025
Verfügbar für: 3 months - 24 months


I am drawn to becoming an au pair because it offers a unique opportunity to immerse myself in a new culture while sharing my own experiences and skills with a welcoming family. I have a genuine love for children and find joy in nurturing their growth and development. The prospect of forming ...

Ana G.

24 Alter, Weiblich

Start: 09 / 2024 - 07 / 2025
Verfügbar für: 6 months - 18 months


Let me to introduce myself—I am Ana, a 24-year-old dedicated and responsible individual with a passion for cultural exchange, language learning, and nurturing young minds. I was born and raised in Georgia until 2021, then I moved to Italy and lived in Venice for 2 years, where I improved my ...

Teona T.

22 Alter, Weiblich

Start: 08 / 2024 - 07 / 2025
Verfügbar für: 1 month - 24 months


I want to become an au pair for several reasons. Firstly, I am communicative and can easily establish relationships with children. Moreover, I love kids and enjoy having fun with them. I am able to share my knowledge and help them raise awareness in different fields.

Iosebi K.

21 Alter, Männlich

Start: 07 / 2024 - 02 / 2025
Verfügbar für: 1 month - 24 months


I want to become an au pair because I want to get to know the culture of Central European countries. I have been to Germany twice and also to Austria. I really enjoyed the lifestyle and would like to try it again. It is also important for me to improve my German language. I enjoy communicating with ...