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Posted by on Jun 19, 2015 in General

The au pair timetable or schedule

The au pair timetable or schedule


The au pair timetable should be a detailed list and description of all your au pair’s duties and responsibilities. To avoid misunderstandings it’s recommended that you establish your au pair’s schedule before she/he arrives in your country.

The main advantage of having a clear schedule is that daily routines are well organised and your au pair will know exactly what to do and when.

When you make the au pair schedule, keep in mind that the au pair working hours should not exceed a certain amount. This amount varies from country to country. See below the allowed working hours for different countries:

– Australia: 25 – 40 hours/week
– Austria: 20 hours/week
– Belgium: maximum of 20 hours/week
– Canada: 25 -30 hours/week
– Denmark: 18 – 30 hours/week
– Finland: maximum of 30 hours/week
– France: 30 hours/week
– Germany: 30 hours/week
– Ireland: 25 – 35 hours/week
– Italy: 15 – 30 hours/week
– Netherlands: 30 hours/week
– New Zealand: 30 – 35 hours/week
– Norway: 30 hours/week
– South Africa: 30 hours/week
– Spain: 30 hours/week
– Sweden: maximum of 25 hours/week
– Switzerland: maximum of 30 hours/week
– United Kingdom: 30 hours/week
– USA: maximum of 45 hours/week

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  1. It’s always good to organize things. This way people know what and when to do and you avoid misunderstandings.

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