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Au Pair Salaries


Au pair salaries - (also known as "pocket money") vary according to a number of factors. Au pairs' hours and duties vary from host family to host family, and therefore so does the weekly amount of money they are paid. An Au pair will normally receive accommodation and food in addition. The Au pair salary information below is intended to provide a guide. Families should always check the Au pair salary guidelines for their own country, and not rely on the Au pair information below which is merely intended to be helpful.
Country Currency Average Au Pair Salary
Australia AUD 180 - 220 per week
Austria 50 - 60 per week
Belgium 450 per month
Canada $ 5 - 7 per hour
Denmark 335 per month
France 240 - 300 per month
Germany 260 per month
Ireland 50 - 75 per week
Italy 60 - 65 per week for an Au pair and 80 - 90 per week for “Au pair plus”
Netherlands 340 per month
New Zealand AU$ 250 per week
Norway $ Must be no less then NOK 4000 (735) per month
Spain 50 - 60 per week for an Au pair and 80 - 90 per week for "Au pair plus"
Sweden US$ Minimum SEK 3,500 per month ( 500 - 350 approx)
Switzerland CHF 500 - 800 per month
United Kingdom £ 70 - 85 a week
United States $ 195 per week
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