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Salsabila S.

Salsabila S.

26 âge, femme

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Départ: 07 / 2023 - 12 / 2023
Disponible pour: 3 months - 6 months
Nom Salsabila S.
Nationalité Indonesian
Langues parlées English
Vivant maintenant dans Indonesia
Veut être un au pair à Australia , Australia , Australia
Inscrit le 07/06/2023
Dernière connexion 3 months+
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Introduction personnelle

My personality Over the years, I’ve learned that as a Taurean I have a naturally nurturing personality which is why I’m also known to be a natural children's magnet. To care for a child, I happen to have good time management skills and organization skills. My personality as my friend described is gentle, loyal, kind, bubbly, warm, friendly, and chatty. My family and friends My parents raise me to carry postive vibes attitude, to be independent, ambitious, organize, honest, trustworthy, kind, & responsible also clean. At the same time I’m also easy going, talkative, & a foodie lovers. For that I hope i can be a good role model for the children. My education My professional qualification is in the fashion industry. I’ve worked as a fashion stylist since 2018. I also have a couple of experience working in a big company. For that, I’m trying to say, that I am a professional worker that have a good communication, attitude, and problem-solving skills. My education My professional qualification is in the fashion industry. I’ve worked as a fashion stylist since 2018. I also have a couple of experience working in a big company. For that, I’m trying to say, that I am a professional worker that have a good communication, attitude, and problem-solving skills. My experience with kids My professional experience may not include child care / au pair but I was deeply interested in children's care and parenting. My biggest dream is to be a Mother 1 day and I hope my experience in an international family will bring me a perspective on rising children abroad. This part of the job is something that inspires me, being able to watch the child grow and develop as an individual and help them along the way. Thus to be said, I love children so much. In my big family, I was 1 of the oldest. Therefore I grow to be independent to take care of my younger cousins. I have had other experiences with my sister's children, I have cared for them and watched them grow from babies to almost teenagers. I am capable to prepare and serving meals, bathing, changing diapers, entertaining & playing games, reading books, walks with scooters/bikes, all activities and anything else required with your children. Also helping your family with light housekeeping chores i.e laundry, tidying the kitchen after meals, assisting putting away childrens toys and activities, and shopping for groceries. Anything you need within reasonable discussion. My language skills My first language & mother tongue is Indonesian. But I attended international school all my life. So I am comfortable in communicating in English. My motivation I love travelling and that is 1 of the reason why I was drawn to this exciting opportunity. I once enrolled on a short course study program in London. I love it so much and hoping for a redo in Australia. I was hoping and aiming for a local-living experience. That is why I was drawn to this Au Pair program. Besides that, 2023 will be my first year on work and holiday visa. I’m planning to extend it for the next 3 years (plus doing the 88-days mandatory courses work) & then I’m planning to apply for student visa & pursue bachelor degree in fashion business. Thus to be said, my main goal coming to Australia is to be able to have a life-balance local living lifestyle experience with your family, at the same time being able to explore Australia (since I love to travel), & to be able to save up for my study and provide and care for my family back home. My expectations I’m hoping to be your temporary family member to love and care for your children as their mature, proactive, gentle, loving big sister (house sister). I was hoping to match with a loving, warm, easy going, open minded and welcoming family. Throughout my time as your house sister, I hope we can bonded well & establish a mutual respectful living arrangement & a lifetime relationship. I hope for an extended stay if possible & hoping to join your family travel adventure if possible. A flexible working days & hours will be much appreciated. To be frankly speaking, I came to Australia with mission & hoping I could save money for university. Therefore, I’m planning to work multiple jobs in around of my au pairring job as my main job. And I understand that being an Au pair in your family require me to work my schedule to fit your rosters as it might varries. Therefore, in order to make this work, the other job have to be on flexible hours. Would appreciate if you could help refer me to other local family on the area for an on call babysitting job or any light housekeeping job or anything on flexible hours. Will appreciate an open discussion regarding this matter. And will also draw a working contract prior to engagement. Other important information I would be available to travel to Australia in 2023 as soon the immigration has granted my work & holiday visa. (seeing by its condition it might be mid-2023 once I get my visa granted) (Ps. I’ll be applying on 2023, I haven’t have the fixed timeline yet. But I’m hoping to get ahead with the Au Pair arrangement & of course the prospective family will be keep updated with my visa status) I would be open for an online interview session & I am open to discuss living arrangements, salary, travel coverage, and job duties. I don’t have any special dietary.

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Avez-vous déjà travaillé dans le pays que vous avez sélectionné ? Non
Lieu préféré A Capital City
Ferez-vous le ménage ? oui
Prendrez-vous soin d'enfants de moins de 2 ans ? oui
Âge préféré des enfants 1 to 9
Accepterez-vous une famille monoparentale ? oui
Prendrez-vous soin d'enfants ayant des besoins spéciaux? Non
Allez-vous vous occuper des animaux de compagnie? Non
Prendrez-vous soin des personnes âgées ? Non

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État civil Single
faites vous partie d'un couple au pair ? Non
Avez-vous un permis de conduire? Non
Depuis combien de temps avez-vous un permis de conduire ? Moins de 1 an
Êtes-vous prêt à conduire? Non
Considérations diététiques None
La religion Islamic
Pratiquez-vous votre religion ? oui
Avez-vous déjà travaillé comme un au pair ? Non