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Liesbet H.

Liesbet H.

35-45 Grupo etario

2 Niños , 5,8 - Edad

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Inicio: 08 / 2022 - 09 / 2022
Disponible para: 6 months - 12 months
Nombre Liesbet H.
Nacionalidad Belgian
Idioma(s) que habla Dutch
Vivimos en Belgium
Registrado en 26/07/2022
Último acceso 3 months+
If you see a WhatsApp or email address here don’t contact this family. They may be scammers.

Presentación personal

Our family consists of 4 persons. Liesbet and Diederik with 2 children, Stan, 8y and Ida, 6y. Diederik is often abroad for his job, working on a Drilling ship. As Liesbet is working as a nurse in shifts we would like to have an au pair helping us with taking care of the children. Ida likes to puzzle or draw, play in the sand, swim, etc. She can be really cute but do not underestimate her, she learned a lot from her brother. She likes to hug but can be in a stubborn mood. She is following swim classes for the moment on a weekly basis and really enjoys it. Next year she wants to start scouting. Stan likes to play with Lego, is very creative and sportive. He likes to play football, bike, rollerskate, swim, ... but he also enjoys drawing and making some artwork. He is a big fan of skiing and of Pokemon. His hobby for the moment is athletics but he wants to start soccer. Diederik is working abroad on drilling ships for longer periods. Normal schedule was 4 weeks at home, 4 weeks on board, due to corona this changed a bit and he will be longer abroad. Diederik is very sportive, likes to bike and run and swim. And in winter time he enjoys our skiing holidays as well. Liesbet is working as a nurse on an intensive care unit. She was once sailing as a seafarer on gastankers but because of the children she changed her career. As a nurse she is working irregular shifts. She likes to cook, sew, enjoys meeting with friends and family. Recently a coffee bar opened just in front of our house, a nice spot to relax with a Good latte. Liesbet has 2 sisters and one brother, the youngest sister, Marjan has done a year au pair in the USA so she knows how you feel and can help you out if you have any questions. Our families are warm and Will embrace you as part of the family.

El empleo para personal extranjero de trabajo doméstico

We do not really have a typical day. So if you like to stay with us you better be flexible. The weeks that Diederik is home, you will have a lot of free time, which you can use to discover Belgium. Seen the covid situation we ask you to respect local regulations in order to keep our family safe. The weeks that Diederik is off for his work, we would like you to help with waking up or put to bed or bringing and picking up the kids to and from school according to Liesbet her working schedule. This schedule is known 2 months in advance. When I have to work the early shift, I am leaving at 6, so you would have to wake them up around 7u if they Did not wake up yet on their own. make sure they are dressed and took breakfast and bring them to school. I will be back in time to pick them up from school. When I have to work the late shift, you will have to pick the kids up from school around 16u give them dinner and put them in bed. Maybe Stan and Ida will need some help with home work. When I have to work the nightshift you will have to put them in bed and be at home to babysit till the morning, then I take care of them to bring them to school. I will have to work 1 out of 2 weekends, the weekends that Diederik is home, you are free off course. On thursday, a cleaning lady is coming to our house, so I try to clean up the mess together with the children on wednesday evenings in order that she can start to clean right away. The only things you will have to do in the Household when I am not home will be to clean the table after dinner and maybe sometimes to cook or warm up what I prepared for dinner. And of course together with the children clean up their mess after playing. Stan and Ida have school from beginning of september to the end of june. In the school holidays, I will make sure they have some activities to go to. Therefore it would be useful if you could drive a car. As not all the camp activities are at biking distance. I cannot predict the amount of hours you will have to work, all depends on my schedule. The weeks that Diederik is home, you will have a lot of free time. In Belgium maximum allowed hours of work is 20hrs per week, it will be one week more and one week less.

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Prefiero personal extranjero para trabajo doméstico del género Mujer
Se aceptan parejas de personas extranjeras para trabajo doméstico No
Se requerirá que el personal extranjero para trabajo doméstico maneje autos
Se requiere el cuidado de una persona mayor No
Se requiere que el personal extranjero para trabajo doméstico realize trabajos del hogar Ligera

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Familia monoparental No
Nuestra religión No Religion
Practicamos nuestra religión No
Tenemos niños con necesidades especiales No
Requerimos el cuidado de niños menores a 2 años de edad No