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Posted by on Nov 23, 2016 in For Families

Why you shouldn’t punish your child

Why you shouldn’t punish your child


Punishing your child or not in order to correct his behavior is a very debated subject nowadays. We know for sure that there is not a “right way ” to do that. However you choose to discipline your child it’s up to you.
But be aware! Using punishments might not be the thing you want as it doesn’t send the proper message and rarely succeeds in changed behavior – even if there are a lot of parents out there who think that the idea of punishing is a good one. They will change their mind when they will see that it does not work. Let’s see a few common punishments and the reason why they won’t help.

Using timeouts

Should you use timeouts? Well…NO! The only thing that these timeouts will do is to bring more “battles” between you and your child.
So what should you do? Well! Try a different approach! The way of doing that is to firstly understand that using things like fear, punishment or isolation does not work if you want your child to be a compassionate, confident person in the future.
So if you want a changed behavior from your child you will have to use some other “tools” in order to see results. You firstly have to step a bit into your little one’s shoes and try to understand why a punishment results mostly in a worse behavior than before. Think about what would you do if you will be treated with this kind of method. You would not act very good is it? Now you understand why your child would do the same.
A good way to do things is to teach your child the correlation between making a mistake and fixing it. This way they will learn that a mistake attracts consequences and will also make them understand that they’re responsible for what they’re doing.

Punishing your child by taking their things

Taking your child’s toys or privileges usually makes him have a reaction – he will promise that he will behave better until you give him his toy or whatever. This kind of behavior leads nowhere – your child is not learning anything and he will keep doing the things that he does.

What else could you do?

Pay attention and time to your child. As an adult life can become a bit overwhelming and you might forget to offer your little one’s the necessary time that he needs in order to learn how to become a better person. You should make sure that this is not happening.

What do you think about child punishment? Would you do that with your child?


  1. I think that child punishment is not effective at all. All you will do is to make your child more distant.

  2. I’ve tried punishment too. Bad idea! My child become distant and started lying about the things that he did or not. It was a hard comeback but now we’re good. I’m using other methods now.

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