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Posted by on Jul 5, 2017 in For Families

Three ways to remain calm when you feel like you won’t

Three ways to remain calm when you feel like you won’t


Things always work better when you are positive. However, daily life and routines may get you tired and make you crack – even if you don’t want to. So how do you remain calm when your child does something wrong? Here are three ways:


Stop and relax!

Whatever you do, when you feel like anger is taking over (especially if it’s on your child), stop doing whatever you do and have a break. Go in a quiet place and relax for a few minutes. Why so? Because now it’s the perfect moment to grant yourself some space in order to have a better reasoning later.


Intervene in gentle ways

Let’s say that you enter the house and find your child doing something wrong. What do you do? You DO NOT get angry! In these situations, most people have the tendency to see the child as some sort of enemy and treat him/ her like one. But it’s important to see your kid only as the little immature human that he or she is. It’s up to the adult to try to decode the message behind his wrong actions and act on it. All of that, of course, after everybody is safe.


Learn from your mistakes

Every mistake in life is a good opportunity for learning something new. Be a fast learner and do not repeat the same mistake twice. In this way, your family life will improve and your relationship with your children will thrive.

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