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Posted by on Jul 12, 2017 in For Families

Three ways to connect with your child when you have a bad day

Three ways to connect with your child when you have a bad day


Had a tough day at work? Don’t worry! Everybody has one from time to time. What to do to get over it? Go home and reconnect with your child. Here are a few ways to do that:

Play with your child in order to get back in sync

Playing with your child triggers connection hormones like oxytocin. But of course, if you are tense, play will be the last thing you want to do. So what should you do? Well, first of all, you should start by changing your own mood.

Empathize and listen

But what will you do if your child does not respond to play? What if he is upset? The answer to that is to stay as compassionate as you can and help him get through those emotions that make him act out.

Try to reconnect physically

Sometimes, in order to feel connected, children need physical interaction. One of the easiest way to do that is to take a book and read him for a few minutes. After his “physical needs” will be fulfilled things will get immediately better.

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