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Posted by on Jan 20, 2015 in For Families

Thinking about hiring an au pair

Thinking about hiring an au pair


Thinking about hiring an au pair? Here are just a few of the great advantages for you and your children.

1. Safety – your children will never be left alone and you can go to work or for an evening out, confident in the knowledge that there’s always someone there to take good care of them.

2. Homework help – we’ve all have gone through this and know how tiring it can be to come home from work and have to battle with the children to do their homework. By having an au pair, by the time you are home, the homework is already done and you can enjoy time with your children!

3. Constant supervision – there are times when your child forgets something at home or gets off of school unexpectedly. The au pair will always be there to help.

4. Good manners – a qualified and well educated au pair will make sure your children are properly raised and grow up with proper values and principles.

5. Transportation – whether it’s after school activities, sports events, recitals or one of the many places your children need to go, driving them to these events is no longer a full-time job for you.

6. More free time for you – let’s face it, sometimes we all feel the need to get away from things and just have some “me time” – an au pair can make all this possible!

7. Less stressed parents – you have so many things to do and think about and sometimes a little help can go a long way. If you have an au pair, a “second pair of hands” to help take care of your house and children, then you have less to think and worry about.

8. Learn a foreign language – these days, understanding and speaking another language is very important for your children and can give them a big advantage over other children. Learning to be fluent in French, German, Spanish or even Mandarin Chinese could be just one of perks your children will get with an au pair.

If you decide to hire an au pair, read some tips for choosing the right one.

What do you think about having an au pair for your kids?


  1. Yes, you are right. An au pair can be very useful when you don’t have the time to stay with your children. My au pair really helps me and my daughter doesn’t feel neglected.

  2. Sandra is right. I have two kids, and before hiring an au pair I had no time to take care of them properly and they felt a little neglected. Now I can stay calm at work knowing there is always someone who looks after them.

  3. I think that the chance that our kids can learn a foreign language at a young age and from a native speaker is very, very important.

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