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Posted by on Sep 10, 2018 in For Families

How to limit your child’s screen time

How to limit your child’s screen time


We all know that watching too much TV is not a good thing for your child’s health. Studies show that children who watch too much TV:

– Have a higher risk of childhood obesity
– Have higher chances to develop aggressive behavior
– Are not so energetic as they used to be
– Have a harder time in school
– Are more likely in engage in risky situations later in life

If these facts does not sound too good for you, fear not! We are here to help! Here are a few advices to help you limit the screen time of your child:

Encourage healthy behaviors
Be the kind of parent that encourages healthy behaviors and limits the not so healthy ones. This way, your child will see an example in you that will follow in the future.

Encourage other activities
You can also encourage your children to do other things that does not involve a screen. Provide them with books, board games or other tools that helps them leave the screen aside.

Pay attention to your child’s behavioral changes
TV has a immediate impact on your child’s behavior. After watching too much TV or play too much Video games children have the tendency to become aggressive, selfish or impatient.

Make family meals valuable
About 2/3 of young people keep the TV on during meals. Get rid of that habit and start having again rich conversations with your family. You will not regret!

Be involved in your child’s life
Don’t be the parent that turns on the TV and leaves the child there. That is not the recipe for a healthy parenting style.

Have you tried to keep your child away from the TV? How did it work?

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